Software & Infrastructure for Materials

Materials information is an aspect of product data that must be accessible by engineering teams at many phases of the product lifecycle. Every aspect of this complex and highly varied data can now be carefully organized in libraries and supported by analytical tools and software modules to aid materials engineers, CAE engineers, test labs and designers in their daily tasks. When deployed across the enterprise, the Matereality software brings harmony, efficiency and control while minimizing risk.

Software solutions for everyone

Matereality provides material database creation software, productivity enhancing software, and customized application management solutions for groups and individuals involved in manufacturing enterprises.

Designed by engineers, for engineers

Our goal is to aid in all of the steps of product lifecycle management, enhancing productivity, and eLiminating potential risks from inappropriate use of material data.

CAE Models Library

Collect material cards created for your CAE applications using Matereality’s CAE Modeler software, or upload material cards you have created externally for safe and documented storage.

Materials Library

Collect and classify the materials of your enterprise in one place, along with associated composition, multi-step processing, certifications, availability, MSDS, datasheets, etc.

Specifications Library

Collect material specifications for your enterprise, with required property targets and ranges as well as other acceptance criteria. Check candidate materials for acceptance with the specification.

Properties Library

Collect any properties of all the materials of your enterprise in one place. Handle design properties as well as quality assurance data. Apply historic comparison statistical analytics or compare any properties of any materials for design decision making.

Reports Library

Collect test reports (PDF, scanned documents, Excel, Word or other) for archival/reference. Link these reports to the digital data stored in other libraries, such as Materials or Properties.

Experiment Definitions Library

Collect experiment metadata, including test protocols, subject definitions, experiment parameters and results.

Data Loader

Software to upload material properties to your database.

Simple Loader

Software to upload material properties to your database. Quickly and Efficiently.

Materials Grid

View and manage the materials in your database, detailing composition, processing, availability and other related data.

CAE Models Grid

View, edit and manage material cards that you have previously created and saved using your CAE Modeler software.

CAE Modeler

Use dedicated software to locate material data for specific CAE material models, calibrate the material model and write an analysis-ready material card.

Create models for your CAE click for more info

Design Data

Perform targeted searches of the selected database to extract design properties such as stress-strain curves, viscoelastic properties, hyperelastic data and more.

Properties Grid

A birds-eye view of the selected database. Use search functions to locate data by property, material name, class and supplier.

CAD Data

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Specifications Grid

View materials and their properties assigned to a material specification. Manage and edit material specifications.

Who uses Matereality?

  • Consume materials information, properties, CAE material files
  • Assign materials or specifications to parts (BOM)
  • View, analyze, and compare material data
  • Prepare plots for presentations
  • Export data to Excel
  • Share data and provide access to colleagues and stakeholders
  • Define materials that are used by the enterprise
  • Collect materials information and properties in one location
  • Maintain regulatory information
  • Create and manage materials specifications
  • Qualify materials to specifications
  • Create and save material files for different solvers from raw data
  • Archive externally created CAE material files
  • Extract properties from CAE material files
  • Assemble and deploy master material files to common CAE pre-processors
  • Add laboratory test data with full contextual information for traceability
  • Create test reports
  • Attach test reports to material data
  • Transfer results directly to data owner’s libraries

Opertate your lab with eLim
  • Create catalogs of available tests
  • Allow users to request testing from the test catalog
  • Schedule and monitor testing for the lab
  • Analyze data and create test reports
  • Deliver data and reports to the end user
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