Matereality for ANSYS users


DatabaseLite is a small free material database that gives you the ability to explore the full power of linear and non-linear simulation within ANSYS. About 50 material models are available ranging from simple elastic to non-linear plasticity (MISO), fatigue, hyperelasticity, viscoelasticity, rate dependency (crash) and thermal. Materials include metals, plastics, foam, rubber. All data is pedigreed.

Use the included CAE Modeler software to create material models for ANSYS Mechanical from raw material data. A plug-in is available to use the Database and CAE Modeler within ANSYS Workbench.

Cost: free | registration form

Step 1: Register for a free Matereality Passport

Click above to create your Matereality Passport. Use this passport to access DatabaseLite (free) and create material models for use in ANSYS Workbench

Step 2: Create CAE Material files using the CAE Modeler for ANSYS

Click above to access the CAE Modeler for ANSYS and search for relevant materials for your simulation. You can download these files to your machine, or save them to your Matereality library for later use.

Step 3: Download your ANSYS Workbench plug-in

If you use ANSYS Workbench, you can download the plug-in to access all of your saved CAE Material files in your Matereality library within the ANSYS environment. Follow the installation instructions included with the plug-in

Upgrade to the full version (Optional)

A 2000+ material models master database upgrade that operates completely within ANSYS Workbench is available. The database is dynamic and constantly growing as more and more material data is added to the cloud.

  • IDAC materials database: a 250 basic materials database plus a 400 materials database that includes 254 non-linear data curves such as fatigue, non-linear stress-strain, temperature dependent modulus, etc.
  • DatapointLabs non-linear materials database: hyperelastic properties of rubbers, temperature dependent stress-strain data on plastics, high strain rate properties on foams and plastics for crash/drop simulation, 37C saline viscoelastic and tensile properties for in-vivo biomedical simulations
  • NIST electronic materials database: modulus, Poisson's Ratio, thermal expansion and thermal properties of silicon, glass, metals and solders for chip making and electronics applications
  • Material Supplier databases of Invista, Celanese, Bayer, Lanxess, Dow: linear and non-linear properties of plastics

Upgrade Cost: $485 USD | payment form

Software to convert material data into ANSYS material model files, including elastic, plasticity, hyperelastic, rate-dependent, and viscoelastic models; download a plug-in to run Matereality within Workbench