Matereality Collaborative Channel Program (MCCP)

Matereality provides material properties on a common framework to collaborating enterprises, facilitating inputs for many MCCP Members' products. MCCP forms the basis for collaboration between Matereality and MCCP Members, to bring value added solutions to Members and their clients. The program aims to bring maximum interoperability, and facilitate consistent, error-free, seamless use of material properties in the collaborative product design and manufacturing horizontals by developing logical integration interfaces and outputs to meet mutual clients' needs.

Matereality's CAEModelerTM allows users to export material data seamlessly into our MCCP softwares. CAEModelers are kept up to date and are compatible with current and legacy CAE software versions.

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ANSYS, Inc. has built its reputation by providing cutting-edge software to engineers the world over. ANSYS backed product design enterprises are leaner, faster and more reliable than any others. Proven accuracy at each design level makes the widespread deployment of "virtual" prototyping practical, eLiminating costly, time-consuming testing cycles. Matereality provides ANSYS users with a means to download material model parameters on a variety of materials for a broad range of simulation applications. Show Me

Autodesk® Simulation software provides a range of mechanical simulation tools to help make decisions earlier in the product development process. Support for multi-CAD environments and finite element modeling tools help manufacturers study initial design intent and accurately predict product performance.

Autodesk® Moldflow® plastic injection molding simulation tools help to validate and optimize plastic parts, injection molds, and the injection molding process. With access to over 8,500 grades of commercial plastics and accurate material data, manufacturers can evaluate various material options. Show Me

Autodesk® Simulation and Autodesk® Moldflow® software, you can use the as-manufactured material properties to better predict the real-life behavior of plastic parts. For more information, visit

SIMULIA is the Dassault Systèmes brand that delivers a scalable portfolio of Realistic Simulation solutions including the Abaqus product suite for Unified Finite Element Analysis, multiphysics solutions for insight into challenging engineering problems, and SIMULIA SLM for managing simulation data, processes, and intellectual property. By building on established technology, respected quality, and superior customer service, SIMULIA makes realistic simulation an integral business practice that improves product performance, reduces physical prototypes, and drives innovation. Headquartered in Providence, RI, USA, SIMULIA provides sales, services, and support through a global network of regional offices and distributors. For more information, visit Show Me

e-Xstream develops DIGIMAT, the nonlinear multi-scale material & structure modeling platform. DIGIMAT is used as a "virtual test lab" to predict the mechanical, thermal and electric behavior of a multi-phase material sample based on the behavior of its constituents and on its underlying microstructure. DIGIMAT is also interfaced to major structural FEA software and injection molding software so it can be used to accurately model the behavior of the material inside the final part taking into account the influence of the manufacturing process (e.g., fiber orientation from injection molding).

LS-DYNA is widely used by the automotive industry to analyze vehicle designs. LS-DYNA accurately predicts a car's behavior in a collision and the effects of the collision upon the car's occupants. With LS-DYNA, automotive companies and their suppliers can test car designs without having having to tool or experimentally test a prototype, thus saving time and expense. Show Me

Moldex3D, the world's leading CAE simulation software for plastics injection molding, has provided the total solution for mold makers, plastics manufacturers and product designers around the globe to help decrease production cost, shorten cycle time, and optimize design quality. Moldex3D is well known and has received good reputation particularly for the powerful true 3D analysis, easy-to-use interface and the accurate result output. Powered by the parallel computing and the unique 64-bit computation, Moldex3D is the only one of its kind always keeping innovation. Now its users group is worldwide spread and fast growing. With the support from Matereality, Moldex3D users will be allowed to well store and conveniently manage the material data and model parameters on the simulation applications.

SIMPOE softwares are targeted to the mold specialist as well as to the mechanical engineer who, in a collaborative product development approach, wants to take into account plastic parts manufacturing constraints early in the product design stage.

SolidWorks Corporation is the leader in 3D CAD and CAE technology, empowering product design teams with intuitive, high performance software that is easy to use and provides the freedom to design products that set you apart. SolidWorks Simulation tools leverage the power of advanced simulation technology in a unified design environment to allow you to validate all aspects of your design, from form to function.

SpaceClaim Professional is the world's first Natural 3D DesignTM system empowering product development contributors to create and edit models in a fraction of the time. Unlike feature-based CAD systems, SpaceClaim lets you design the way you think - interacting directly with the model in the way you intend, making even dramatic edits naturally, independent of how the design was created. SpaceClaim's team of executives and developers - the inventors of feature-based CAD - have now created the next quantum leap in engineering productivity, a Natural 3D Design system that�s accessible to everyone from power users to part-time users. For more information and a 30 day free trial, visit

Siemens PLM is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services with nearly 4 million licensed seats and 46,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM's vision is to enable a world where organizations and their partners collaborate through global innovation networks to deliver world-class products and services while leveraging Siemens PLM's open enterprise solutions, fulfilling the mission of enabling them to transform their process of innovation. Materiality works with Siemens PLM simulation tools to provide access to a wide range of material definitions for use in simulation modeling. For more information on Siemens PLM products and services, visit