Matereality and DatapointLabs


Customers in 1200 companies from 37 countries recognize US-headquartered DatapointLabs ( as their materials science partner for new product design, CAE, and research and development efforts across a range of industries. DatapointLabs tests more than 1000 materials each year and delivers results within five business days for standard tests.

Digital Data Delivery Service

With digital Data Delivery Service, DatapointLabs direct deposits all your test results to your Matereality database:

  • Test reports in PDF format
  • Test data in TrueDigital format, allowing you to analyze, export, create plots for presentation, and share with colleagues
  • CAE material model files, if these have been created for you

Use Matereality's collaborative framework to share data with colleagues and send specific URL links for select data: Service Bulletin

Upgrade to Do Even More

With a Workgroup license on Matereality members of your team can grant data access to all other Workgroup members, creating a shared repository of data delivered from DatapointLabs. You can also upload and manage your own property data alongside the information delivered from the lab. A Workgroup license for 20 users per year also offers a 10% discount on testing at DatapointLabs for all Workgroup members.