laboratory information: managed

Test laboratories benefit greatly from a digital infrastructure where engineers can submit clearly defined test orders that can be carried out by the lab technicians without ambiguity. Combined with features to schedule and track the progress of lab work, eLim leverages all the capability of the Matereality software, from data analysis, to report creation and delivery – all within a single environment.

The eLim experience

eLim Process

  • My Lab: Requester selects desired tests from catalog. Shopping cart functionality
  • Order: Order system monitors incoming work
  • Inspection: Work request is inspected and scheduled by lab manager
  • Testing: Technicians perform tests and prepare data
  • Delivery: Data is uploaded to server and transferred to requester


  • Create catalogs of available tests
  • Allow users to request testing from the test catalog
  • Schedule and monitor testing for the lab
  • Analyze data and create test reports
  • Deliver data and reports to the end user

configurations for eLim:

eLims Test Catalog

Detailed test catalogs can be created to help engineers select the desired testing. Tests can be assembled in a shopping cart. Testing request details are transferred directly from requester to technician after lab management review.