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What is Matereality?

Matereality is a first of its kind, material data management technology that permits organizations to house all their material properties on a single platform without limits. This 'No Limits' approach removes existing hurdles that currently force organizations to sequester their data in disparate and inconsistent formats such as limited capability databases, pdf document management systems.

Matereality is similar in concept to virtual parts libraries. Virtual parts libraries, which offer easy-to-download ready-to-use virtual product descriptions, like solid models of common parts and fasteners, have three major advantages. First, the product descriptions are created as per the standards of the parts suppliers, ensuring that the part is properly represented in the client’s design. Second, the product developer does not have to waste valuable time and effort recreating the geometry. Lastly, users are guaranteed that the same virtual component is viewed and used at all levels of cooperation within and between enterprises. Matereality offers the same advantages for product developers cataloging quantitative material models.

Why are material properties important?

Design engineers frequently seek support from material suppliers or their software technical support teams to make the right decisions on materials issues. However, modeling the non-linear properties of materials such as plastics, rubber, foams and composites requires a combination of divergent skills: material science fundamentals, testing technology, material modeling and an understanding of the needs of the simulation programs. Matereality has been developed in response to the needs of product developers and structured so as to present data in the manner best suited to the needs of individual groups, whether they work in automotive, electronic, biomedical or consumer products design.

Is it a database or a MDM framework, or both?

It's both. Matereality is a MDM platform that comes populated with a rapidly expanding collection of design quality material properties, with data manipulation tools. This distinguishes Matereality from enterprise warehouse solutions that have to be populated from scratch, and from material properties databases that are heavily populated but not necessarily with materials useful for design purposes.

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