Service Bulletin:

6.01 Release

A software update has been released containing functionality improvements and fixes to reported issues.


CAE Modelers firing at full speed - Customers reported challenges with LS-Dyna and Moldflow UDB file creations. These have been corrected and tested. Exports to Simpoe and SolidWorks Plastics are also operational.

Feature Enhancement:

Material Model Library - The newest software app added to Matereality V6 was the Material Model Library. This app allows users to store material models created with Matereality's CAE Modeler. New features have been added to this app, including the abilty to refit your models and delete older material model files. With the refit tool, the engineer is able to find the model in the library and return it back to the CAE Modeler for further modifications.


Workgroup Managers Get a New App - Workgroup managers will notice an app developed especially for them. This app allows workgroup administrators to quickly access all of the group members material data in a manageable, searchable and sortable format.
About Matereality, LLC

Matereality, LLC, based in the United States, operates private and public cloud material databases for use in product design and manufacturing. Matereality's ready-for-deployment patented technology provides material databases and solutions for different needs, budgets and company sizes: a Personal Database for one user, a WorkGroup for up to twenty users, or a Material Data Server for a large manufacturing enterprise. Each database can collect and store any properties of any materials. All databases are empowered by a suite of web-based software that allows users work to with material data, for trend visualization, CAE modeling and database building. Support services include material data loading and material testing to populate the database with accurate data. The company serves a diverse user base including automotive, appliance, tier-one, material suppliers and processors, electronics, mold makers, medical devices, and consumer product verticals.

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