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Press Release

Matereality®, Material Data Management System Now Available

September 15, 2003: Matereality, L.L.C., USA, unwraps its Matereality® Material Data Management Systems.

Matereality® represents a paradigm shift in material data management (MDM) by providing enterprises with a single web-based framework to securely store any kind of material data on any material, including plastics, rubber, foams and metals. Besides storing raw data and properties derived from the measurements, Matereality® allows diverse output formats ranging from plots and numerical data, to pictures and CAE material model parameters. Data in Matereality® includes test and specimen details, and is traceable to its original source, creating a single authoritative “non-PDF” electronic repository for all material property data. “The all-inclusive Matereality® framework has inbuilt product development and material behavior understanding that helps users select the most appropriate material data wherever in the product life cycle their application may lie” says CTO Hubert Lobo, recognized materials expert in the Virtual Product Development (VPD) arena.

This disruptive technology removes the dependency on multiple partial databases, bringing integration in vertical and horizontal processes of enterprises. Companies now have the tool to consolidate material data from multiple locations such as paper, PDF attachments, Excel charts and zipped files, and control how this data is used within their organization, and by their collaborators.

Who benefits?
Globally distributed companies can now compartmentalize and manage their own material data on the same platform from which they access relevant documented material properties from suppliers and others. Material suppliers can publish or selectively distribute their data instantly across the globe. Submission of materials to large OEMs for certification becomes automatic and effortless. CAD/CAE companies can leverage Matereality® to pipe-in application-appropriate data models seamlessly, enhancing ease of use and design confidence. Material testing labs are using Matereality® Data Delivery Service (DDS) to transmit test results to their clients, thus populating it with growing collections of relevant material properties of immediate value for all phases of the product life cycle.

About Matereality, L.L.C.:
Matereality® is this millennium’s technology: a material data management (MDM) tool brought to you by a team of materials experts who have been guiding engineers over the past two decades on the use of material data in product development. Matereality adapts to the PLM needs of clients worldwide, from Fortune 500 enterprise solutions to small businesses. Companies use Matereality to securely store and share their material data across a distributed development platform of internal users, external collaborators and clients, to facilitate collaboration and control the costs and risks associated with materials data. For more information, visit ServerOne/matereality or call 1-888-328-2422; email info@matereality.com

Press Contact

Renu Gandhi
23 Dutch Mill Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 607 257 1784 Fax: 607 266 0168
Toll-Free (US only): 1 888 DATA-4-CAE
Email: gandhi@matereality.com

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