Service Bulletin: Release 6.2 expands material information storage capabilities and supports new CAE material models

Material Information Enhancements

You can now store additional information related to the material, its composition and manner of processing. This information often is needed in decision making and typically is not well stored because of the lack of information management systems designed to capture such data.

Composition Information

An extensible framework has been created to store the composition of the material for which properties have been tested.

  • Metals: the composition of the alloy can be stored
  • Filled plastics: the composition of polymer; particle filler; glass or carbon fiber, including fiber dimensional details and mechanical properties; flame retardant and colorant details
  • Structured composites: layup details including orientation and thickness as well as layer mechanical properties
  • Blends: composition of blend
  • Welds: details of joining material as well as materials being joined, including mechanical properties of individual materials
  • Adhesives: details of adhesive material as well as materials being glued, including mechanical properties of individual materials

Processing Information

An extensible framework has been created to store details of how a material is processed. Where a material is subject to multiple processing steps, the sequence is also captured. Currently implemented processes include:

  • Metals: casting, forming, forging, heat treatments and sub-treatment steps
  • Plastics: injection molding and extrusion

Other Information

  • Material certifications: record that a material has met acceptance criteria of an OEM or an international norm, for example
  • Availability: indicate global regions or countries where the material can be sourced

New CAE Modeler Capabilities

  • Abaqus: hyperelastic material model equations stored in your database, such as Ogden and Mooney-Rivlin equation parameters, can be written directly to Abaqus as .inp files
  • Solidworks: the CAE Modeler has been updated to be compatible with the latest SolidWorks 2013 release

New Features Under Development

We are working on new features for our next release. If you have any requests, please contact us to discuss your ideas. You just might see them in the next release.

For more information about the Matereality 6.2 release or to learn more about how Matereality can help your company do more with material data, contact us today.

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