Service Bulletin: Version 5.1 Release

A software update has been released containing functionality improvements and fixes to reported issues. These include Database Builder improvements, streamlining the CAE Modelers' handling of plasticity data, and enhancement of WorkgroupPro Material Database capabilities and CAE Modelers for Solidworks and Autodesk Moldflow.

New Database Builder Features: Unit Conversions, Signal Lights, and Moldflow UDB Datafile Loader

The Database Builder software now contains a unit conversion feature where incoming data can be read in units other than that required for storage and display in Matereality. For example, it is possible to read in stress-strain data in unitless and Pa units and, upon storage, have the data plots visible to your preferred unit system of % strain and psi without using Excel to perform the unit conversions.

Signal Lights now light up during Database Builder operations which alert the user to unfilled data tabs. Data entry requires the entry of information about the Material as well as the Sample in addition to the Properties. This ensures good data management as your database grows. The lights disappear when the required data has been entered. Additionally, to aid general purpose data entry operations, Database Builder will autofill key fields such as Project and Sample IDs. Matereality recommends that you replace these values with meaningful entries such as your Project information and BOM IDs which will help you identify your materials and the projects for which they are designated.

Autodesk Moldflow users now have an place to store their udb files with full documentation; please see section titled "Moldflow UDB File Download Upgrade," below.

Upcoming Training Sessions

  • Getting a handle on UDB files - August 10
  • Is it time to upgrade my Material Database to WorkgroupPro? - August 31

Stay tuned for registration invites!

Moldflow UDB File Download Upgrade

In support of Autodesk Moldflow's latest AMI 2012 release, Matereality is now storing and deploying AMI 2012 compatible udb files for both CRIMS and non-CRIMS type simulations. This new feature of the Database Builder allows users to upload their udb files into their material databases where the information about the plastic is clearly identified, keeping all data in one place. CRIMS udb files are now stored in their original form and directly output upon demand. Non-CRIMS Moldflow data can now be stored as udb files or can be assembled by the CAE Modeler from raw data stored within Matereality.

Solidworks CAE Modeler Now Includes Plasticity and Hyperelasticity

The CAE Modeler for Solidworks has been extended to allow users to generate material parameters hyperelastic and elastic-plastic material models. This capability extends the existing elastic material modeling capability available so far. Elastic-plastic material models can be prepared from stress-strain data by using the same methods currently in use for other supported CAE software. Temperature-dependency cannot be handled due to limitations in Solidworks. In such cases, it is advised to select the data for the temperature closest to the real-life application. Hyperelastic material data can be transferred to Solidworks using the standard CAE Modeler functionality. SLDMAT files are output in each case and these can be read directly into Solidworks.

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