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User Tip: Using the CAE Modelers to Model Metal Plasticity

The Matereality CAE Modelers convert stress-strain curves into elastic-plastic material models (Abaqus *ELASTIC *PLASTIC, ANSYS MISO, NASTRAN MATS1). The modelers use the 0.2% offset rule to calculate the onset of plasticity. In the case of metals where the elastic data is extremely linear, the resulting secant modulus line is found to present too soft an elastic response. It is advised that the user therefore examine plasticity models carefully to confirm that an appropriate secant modulus is used. The modulus can be adjusted by using the Select button to pick the first non-linear point on the stress-strain curve.


User Tip: Setting Modulus in the ANSYS CAE Modeler for MISO

When creating MISO material models in the ANSYS CAE Modeler, you can change the modulus via the graphical interface by using the "Select" button to pick the first pointon the stress-strain curve. The software then calculates the secant modulus as the slope to this point, and plasticity data are calculated for each subsequent selected point on the stress-strain curve. Values typed into the "Modulus" box are not accepted by the software.

Update: ANSYS Workbench 13 Plug-in Update

The plug-in for ANSYS Workbench 13 has been updated to fix an issue related to projects not saving after material models are downloaded from Matereality. All users using the ANSYS Material Database & CAE Modeler within Workbench 13 should install this update. Download updated plug-in

Update: IDAC Non-Linear Material Database

The non-linear database component of the IDAC Material Database has been unlocked and is now available to all users who have purchased the ANSYS Material Database and CAE Modeler. Additional MISO material models/fatigue models are now available. View complete listing

Update: Moldex3D Unit Conversion Error

A unit conversion error was discovered in temperature and modulus data exported from Matereality to Moldex3D. The problem has been addressed and a new interface has been recently released by Moldex3D. All Moldex3D users should immediately download the Moldex3D R10 SP2 to fix the problem.

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