Service Bulletin: Software Update Includes HyperWorks Connection, CAE Modeler Upgrades, and More

Ithaca, NY USA - December 11, 2013 — Matereality software update 7.03 delivers functionality enhancements and is also now available in the Altair HyperWorks environment. Log in or register for access at

Workgroup Material DatabasePro Available to HyperWorks Users

Matereality's Workgroup Material DatabasePro material data management software, based on Version 7 technology, is now available through the Altair Partner Alliance with its innovative, unit-based licensing system. HyperWorks users can access the latest Matereality 7 solution on the Global Data Center using the same leased HWUs they are already using to run HyperWorks, which makes partner applications available at no incremental cost or long-term commitment.

If you have a Matereality database and your company is a HyperWorks client, talk to us about creating a Workgroup to allow your team to access your database and the Matereality software tools. More details are also available for HyperWorks users at

New Capability to Support Multi-step Materials Processing Information

Many materials are subject to a series of processing steps on their way to becoming a finished product. Matereality now provides a way to document these processes via a newly released capability that is accessible accessible from the My Materials and Workgroup Materials apps. For example, a component may be cast, heat treated, and then galvanized. You can now capture the process parameters for each of these processing steps in detail. Because Matereality handles such a wide variety of materials, the framework accommodates parameters required for a variety of processing types, including metal processing, plastics processing such as injection molding, as well as other material processing operations. Injection molding parameters can be transmitted via the CAE Modelers into Moldflow .udb files. Matereality Tutorial: Processing Information
Matereality Tutorial: Processing Information

Are you interested in capturing processing information? Contact us! We are seeking topical experts to work with us on outlining details of processes to ensure correct capture of this kind of information.

CAE Modeler Updates

The roll-out transition of CAE Modelers to the new Version 7 technology continues:

  • A brand new, viscoelastic material modeler has been released, which aligns the elastic and viscoelastic components of the material model and also performs time-temperature shifting to allow viscoelastic material data to be used at other temperatures. The capability has been deployed exclusively at this time for SolidWorks 2014.
  • The Moldex3D plastics CAE Modeler has been upgraded to Version 7 technology, where you can view the material data in great detail before you create the material model file.
  • The Dassault Systèmes SIMPOE plastics CAE Modeler has been upgraded to Version 7 technology and also fixes a units issue reported in connection with export of data related to shrinkage modeling.
  • SolidWorks Materials Web Portal and SolidWorks CAE Modeler have been updated to fix reported issues related to thermal and hyperelastic material modeling. A new viscoelastic modeler also has been deployed.
Matereality Tutorial: SolidWorks Viscoelastic
Matereality Tutorial: SolidWorks Viscoelasticity

About Matereality

Matereality, LLC, headquartered in Ithaca, NY USA, operates private and public cloud material databases for use in product design and manufacturing. Empowered by a suite of web-based software that allows users to work with material data for material database creation, management, data analytics and CAE material parameter conversion, these databases can store any properties of any materials. Matereality's ready-for-deployment, patented technology provides material databases and solutions for different needs, budgets and company sizes: a Personal Database for one user, a Workgroup Database for small groups, and Material Data Servers for manufacturing enterprises.

Matereality is an affiliate of DatapointLabs, LLC. Together, the companies deliver a comprehensive materials science resource, providing accurate material testing and software for centralized materials knowledge management that helps accelerate the pace of product development. The group has a diverse global user base, including automotive, aerospace, appliance, biomedical, consumer products, electronics, and material supplier verticals.

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