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Matereality®, Announces Collaborative Partnership with ANSYS, Inc. to Improve Material Parameter Uploading

July 30, 2004: Matereality welcomes ANSYS into its Collaborative Channel Partnership (MCCP)

Matereality, L.L.C., USA, announces a collaborative partnership with ANSYS, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANSS) to improve the task of uploading material parameters from Matereality into ANSYS software.

“Using material properties from technical data sheets for ANSYS is like driving a Porsche on low octane fuel: it affects the power and reliability of your finite element analysis (FEA),” says Renu Gandhi, vice president, Business Development at Matereality. “ANSYS has well-defined material data input needs. Because of its versatility, and diverse material properties capabilities, Matereality® has fast become the platform of choice to house ANSYS-relevant material model parameters and is already populated with thousands of current material property datasets for users of ANSYS from within the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, electronics and consumer products industries.”

Data inside Matereality® includes high strain rate data on plastics, hyperfoam properties of foams, hyperelastic, visco-elastic, creep and fatigue data, as well as the more commonly available material properties. “This partnership with Matereality will provide ANSYS users a resource for accessing material information that is hard to find in many cases,” said Barry Christenson, manager, Product Management at ANSYS, Inc. “Equally important is that the quality of the information can be evaluated since it is accompanied by variability details and data certificates on the source and test conditions.”

With its patent-pending scalable and secure XML-based architecture, Matereality accommodates any material, any property, all in one place in True Digital Format™ (TDF). Enterprises can collect and use their material data through the collaborative product design and manufacturing horizontals, selectively sharing it with internal users, and authorized clients or collaborators. Consequently, Matereality® serves as both, the enterprise’s material storage framework, as well as a more readily applicable database for the product development community.

Matereality® Version 2.0 includes the new Material Data Mining Robot (MIRO), a powerful search wizard that mines through data collections for relevant information that is suitable for ANSYS simulations. ANSYS users can use the MIRO search wizard to mine data within Matereality® for data sets for their specific analysis. They can auto-summarize data, zoom-in on graphs, examine variability and view raw data, in conjunction with the ANSYS material model parameters. Currently, users can export search results in Excel-friendly and MATML formats. The MCCP collaboration enhances this connectivity to export data sets directly into ANSYS software.

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About Matereality, L.L.C.:
Matereality® is this millennium’s technology: a material data management (MDM) tool brought to you by a team of materials experts who have been guiding engineers over the past two decades on the use of material data in product development. Matereality adapts to the PLM needs of clients worldwide, from Fortune 500 enterprise solutions to small businesses. Companies use Matereality to securely store and share their material data across a distributed development platform of internal users, external collaborators and clients, to facilitate collaboration and control the costs and risks associated with materials data. For more information, visit or 1-607-257-1784; email

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