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Matereality® v.2.1 features new products, functionality, content

Ithaca, NY: June 14th, 2005

Matereality, L.L.C., USA, the developer of the first of its kind, complete material data management (MDM) system in TrueDigital™ format, announces the release of Matereality Version 2.1.

The much awaited Version 2.1 release of the Matereality material data management platform brings a number of advances to this rapidly developing field. In addition to the flagship line that provides a web-based resource for the storage and selective deployment of material property data, the company now has two new products.

Material Data Server has been created to enable manufacturing enterprises to store all their material property data on all their materials on a single extensible platform within their intranets and maintain complete control over who has access to it. With this, companies can now finally go paperless with the storage of all their test data, cradle to grave.

The Materials Databases product line provides material suppliers with a ready-to-deploy technology to enhance their customer support with one powerful secure platform for material selection data as well as design properties, 365/24/7 globally!

New product enhancements include unit conversions and more export capabilities. MIRO, the material data mining technology introduced in Version 2.0 is now fully enabled to perform a variety of tasks including complex data mining. MIRO is extensible to perform user defined searches. The following MIRO tools are currently available in addition to Property Search.

  • The MIRO CAE Wizard finds relevant data for CAE applications such as ABAQUS and ANSYS simulations, enabling targeted export of relevant data for the simulation at hand.
  • MIRO Design Properties Wizard locates design data from the vast and varied design data collections within Matereality
  • MIRO Datasheets creates on-the-fly datasheets from data within Matereality

Matereality now boasts the largest collection of application-specific, non-generic material properties. As content continues to flow daily into Matereality, the global site now contains a huge variety of high-value material data including rate-dependent properties for impact simulations, creep, fatigue, hyper-elastic data with Mooney-Rivlin and Ogden parameters, hyper-foam data, mold flow material model data, electrical, mechanical, flow, visco-elastic and thermal properties of every kind. Over 9000 datasets exist, representing more than 200 different property types on a diverse variety of materials. Significant new data collections have been added including the NIST Lead-Free Solder Database, which is of interest to the electronics industry.

About Matereality, L.L.C.:
Matereality's material data management (MDM) technology allows material scientists, engineers and product design teams to securely store any kind of material properties on a web-based platform in TrueDigital™ format. Data is always there, never lost; datasets can be selectively shared with authorized users in keeping with the business needs of Data Owners. Companies can create powerful, selectively visible databases for the use of their internal users, prospects and clients. The Matereality user base includes major players in the automotive, appliance, Tier One, material supplier, medical devices and consumer products verticals. It is a solution created with the awareness and agility to adapt to PLM needs of clients worldwide, from Fortune 500 enterprise solutions to small businesses, as VPD evolves. For more information, visit or call 1-607-257-1784; email

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