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Press Release

Matereality® Launches MDM Version 2.0

Ithaca, NY: March 24th, 2004

New Material Data Mining Robot, MIRO, and Expanded Export Formats

Matereality, L.L.C., USA, the developer of the first of its kind, complete material data management (MDM) system in True Digital format, announces the release of Matereality Version 2.0 at ServerOne/matereality.

Matereality�s patent pending scalable architecture securely accommodates any material, any property, all in one place. The system has been populated with thousands of current material property datasets. Data ranges from high strain rate data on plastics to hyperfoam properties of foams, injection molding simulation properties, hyperelastic, visco-elastic, creep and fatigue data in addition to the commonly available properties. Such data is highly relevant for PLM and particularly for new product development.

Matereality Version 2.0 now allows export of material data in Excel-friendly and MATML formats setting the stage for seamless connectivity with CAE programs and other applications that require such data. This functionality has important industry-wide implications: it greatly enhances availability and ease of use, while also controlling the risk of inappropriate data inputs.

The new Material Data Mining Robot (MIRO) is a powerful search tool that mines data collections for relevant data suitable for any application, for example, a specific CAE simulation or a material specification. New data visualization tools allow users to examine data like never before. Users can auto-summarize data, zoom-in on graphs, examine variability and view raw data in conjunction with CAE material model parameters. Data Certificates permit users to trace data to its source, including testing and specimen details.

Integration of material property data across PLM is necessary for seamless operations and interoperability between virtual design and real manufacturing processes. With Matereality, enterprises can securely organize material data they own, as well as access data from external sources with whom they share a business relationship.

A distinguishing feature of Matereality which ensures its longevity as a solution for MDM, is its inbuilt material behavior intelligence and experience provided by a team of materials experts with two decades of experience in characterizing material behavior for VPD.

About Matereality, L.L.C.:
Matereality's material data management (MDM) technology allows material scientists, engineers and product design teams to securely store any kind of material properties on a web-based platform in True Digital format. Data is always there, never lost; datasets can be selectively shared with authorized users in keeping with the business needs of Data Owners. Companies can create powerful, selectively visible databases for the use of their internal users, prospects and clients. The Matereality user base includes major players in the automotive, appliance, Tier One, material supplier, medical devices and consumer products verticals. It is a solution created with the awareness and agility to adapt to PLM needs of clients worldwide, from Fortune 500 enterprise solutions to small businesses, as VPD evolves. For more information, visit ServerOne/matereality or call 1-607-257-1784; email info@matereality.com

Press Contact

Renu Gandhi
95 Brown Rd. #102, Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 607 257 1784 Fax: 607 266 0168
Toll-Free (US only): 1 888 DATA-4-CAE
Email: gandhi@matereality.com

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